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ARTICLE TITLE:  Topiramate in the treatment of severe
bulimia nervosa with comorbid mood disorders: a case
ARTICLE SOURCE:  Int J Eat Disord  (United States),
May 2003, 33(4) p468-72 
AUTHOR(S):  Barbee JG 
AUTHOR'S ADDRESS:  Department of Psychiatry, Louisiana
State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans,
Louisiana 70112, USA. jbarbbe en lsuhsc.edu. 
MAJOR SUBJECT HEADING(S):  Anxiety Disorders [drug
therapy]; Bipolar Disorder [drug therapy]; Bulimia
[drug therapy]; Depression, Involutional [drug
therapy]; Fructose [analogs & derivatives]
[therapeutic use] 
MINOR SUBJECT HEADING(S):  Adult; Anxiety Disorders
[psychology]; Bipolar Disorder [psychology]; Bulimia
[psychology]; Chronic Disease; Comorbidity;
Depression, Involutional [psychology]; Dose-Response
Relationship, Drug; Drug Therapy, Combination;
Follow-Up Studies; Fructose [adverse effects]; Middle
Age; Recurrence; Treatment Outcome 
INDEXING CHECK TAG(S):  Case Report; Female; Human;
PUBLICATION TYPE:  Owner: NLM; Status: Completed 
Evaluation Studies; Journal Article 
ABSTRACT:  OBJECTIVE: To report observations on the
efficacy and tolerability of topiramate in a sample of
five patients with severe symptoms of bulimia nervosa
and comorbid mood and/or anxiety disorders. METHOD:
Topiramate was added to other psychotropic medication
under open-label conditions up to the maximum
tolerated dose or until remission of the eating
disorder was achieved. RESULTS: Topiramate almost
completely eliminated binging and purging behavior in
three of the five patients. Improvement was maintained
throughout the period of follow-up for up to 18
months. One patient showed a partial, temporary
response, and the fifth was intolerant of the drug and
unable to complete an adequate trial. DISCUSSION:
These results suggest strongly that the efficacy of
topiramate in patients with bulimia nervosa with and
without comorbid mood and anxiety disorders should be
investigated more fully. [Copyright 2003 by Wiley


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