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Estimadas y estimados
esta disponible   el   Essential Drugs Monitor No 34 (2005) de la OMS

cuyo indice  tematico es: 

Key People in Essential Medicines 2?3
We meet 3 dynamic  members of the  essential medicines ?family?, Batool Jaffer Suleiman, Zafar  Mirza and Jorge Bermudez
Rational Use 4?25, 36
Highlighting the  International Conference on Improving Use of Medicines (ICIUM 2004)
Articles  based on papers presented come from many countries. Topics include injection  use, drug and
therapeutics committees, ARV use in Botswana and Uganda,
the  selection process for medicines on Thailand?s EML, 
Access 26?28
This section features articles on  efforts to overcome multidrugresistant TB, and describes the
use of the Rapid  Assessment Protocol for Insulin Access, developed by the  International
Insulin Foundation
Newsdesk 28?29
WHO/UNICEF Technical Briefing  Seminar for staff of pharmaceutical support programmes
Restructuring of  WHO/HQ medicines department, introducing the new directors
Medicine Prices 30?31
An update on the WHO/HAI  medicines project, with reports of progress in Africa and  Malaysia
Published Lately 32?35
Includes guest  reviewers

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