[AF] Novedades 41st ESCP Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy. Oct 2012. Barcelona

Jue Jun 14 01:11:34 CEST 2012

Estimadas (os),

Nuevas noticias del congreso de Farmacia Clinica de 29 a 31 de octubre  
de 2012 en Barcelona:

1) Se dispondrá de traducción simultánea inglés - español en las  
sesiones plenarias.

2) Aun permanece abierto el plazo para enviar comunicaciones y también  
sigue abierto el plazo para inscripciones a coste reducido.

3) El  programa científico ya  está completo, pendiente sólo de la  
confirmación  de algún ponente, tal y como se puede ver en las dos  
direcciones de internet ya conocidas:

<http://www.escpweb.org/cms/Barcelona>  y <http://www.ub.edu/farcli/wp0.htm>

4) También aquí, en estas direcciones  al final  del apartado  
"Scientific programme" hay un archivo en "pdf"  (Attachment) donde  
además se encuentran los "workshops" que se  realizarán  ordenados por  
cada día del Congreso.  Son un total de 29,  de los que  al final de  
este  correo  incluimos su título, ponente y país correspondiente para  
su más fácil difusión.

Esperando  que sea de vuestro interés, os enviamos un cordial saludo.

Eduardo L. Mariño
41st ESCP Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy.
Barcelona, 29-31 October 2012.
"Personalized and Safe Therapy"

Lista de Workshops:

1.- Successful Scientific Writing: getting abstracts accepted.  
J.W.Foppe van Mil (The Netherlands).

2.- Successful Scientific Writing: original research papers. J.W.Foppe  
van Mil (The Netherlands).

3.- Social Marketing and community management for pharmacy offices.  
Daniel Peña García (Spain).

4.- Coughs, Colds and Cystitis: Personalised and Safe Management of  
Minor Ailments. Simon Hurding, Jane Pearson (UK).

5.- Inter-professional Training: The Importance of Clinical Rounds in  
Clinical Pharmacy Education. Fikret Vehbi Izzettin, Mesut Sancar  

6.- Computerised program regarding drugs and foods interactions. Maria  
Skouroliakou (Greece).

7.- Which psychotropic drug to choose: drug decision making for the  
individual patient. Veerle Foulon (Belgium), Martina Hahn (Germany).

8.- Monitoring drug therapy: How to evaluate for effectiveness and  
assess for adverse drug events in elderly patients. Louise Mallet  
(Canada), Georges L. Zelger (Switzerland).

9.- How to ask effectively our patient/ partner in the clinical  
setting - Communication training by case study and role playing.  
Daniela Scala (Italy), Hannelore Kreckel (Germany).

10.- Safe Use of targeted therapy in oncology. Emina Obarcanin  
(Bosnia-Herzegovina), Mikael Daouphars (France).

11.- Adverse drug reactions -Applying theory to clinical practice.  
Stephane Steurbaut (Belgium), Yolande Hanssens (Qatar).

12.- Pubmed for All: learning how to use Medline in 2 hours and so.  
Daniela Scala, Piera Polidori, Anna Carollo (Italy).

13.- Medication safety in the ambulatory setting: exploring the use of  
preventable drug related morbidity indicators. Mara Guerreiro  
(Portugal), Darren Ashcroft (UK).

14.- Making pharmacotherapy safer: the role of the pharmacist in  
reducing prescribing errors. Christine Bond (UK), Cristín Ryan  

15.- Patients' medical questions, believes and concerns and  
pharmacists' drug counseling: What kind of communication style helps  
to make the communication patient-centered? Hilde Frøyland (Norway).

16.- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Connection between Drugs and  
Laboratory Tests. Eyal Schwartzberg, Alan Greenberg (Israel).

17.- Becoming a better author and referee - discovering tools to  
assess scientific papers. Anne Gerd (Norway).

18.- Cross-border Healthcare and Rare Diseases. Marc Dooms, Gert  
Laekeman (Belgium).

19.- Geriatric clinical pharmacy services: beyond reconciliation.  
Liesbeth Decoutere, Sabrina De Winter, Lorenz Van der Linden (Belgium).

20.- Medication Reconciliation: successes, failures and key  
principles. Towards improvement of the process. Clementine Stuijt,  
Anne Leendertse (The Netherlands).

21.- Exploring and discussing patient's barriers for medication  
adherence. Bart van den Bemt (The Netherlands).

22.- Bioequivalence and Biosimilarity: walking towards patient safety.  
Pietro Fagiolino (Uruguay), Eduardo L. Mariño (Spain).

23.- Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) Modelling and Simulation:  
 From model-based drug development to its application in the clinical  
setting. Iñaki F. Trocóniz (Spain).

24.- How to develop quality of care indicators? Veerle Foulon, Mira  
Dreesen (Belgium).

25.- Do patients want what they need? Audrey McAnaw, John McAnaw (UK),  
Anne Leendertse (The Netherlands).

26.- Pharmacoeconomics: a practical approach to assessing the  
literature. Katherine Lyseng-Williamson (New Zealand).

27.- Understanding and Evaluating Systematic Reviews and  
Meta-Analyses. Katherine Lyseng-Williamson (New Zealand).

28.- Orphans before being born. Gert Laekeman (Belgium).

29.- Pharmacogenetics of psychiatric pharmacotherapy in daily clinical  
practice. Hans Mulder (The Netherlands).

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