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Gelclair Patent http://www.patentbuddy.com/Patent/6828308 <http://www.patentbuddy.com/Patent/6828308>

Qualitative-quantitative composition percent composition:
Ingredient	% By Weight
Sodium hyaluronate	0.1
Glycyrrhetinic acid	0.06
PVP (K60 to K100)	9.0
Maltodextrin	6.00
Propylene glycol	2.94
Potassium sorbate	0.3
Sodium benzoate	0.3
Hydroxyethyl cellulose	1.5
Hydrogenated castor oil PEG-40	0.27
Disodium EDTA	0.1
Benzalkonium chloride	0.5
Perfume (Glycyrrhiza Comp. 2717)	0.16
Sodium saccharin	0.1
Depurated water	78.44
To prepare this composition, water was placed in a turboemulsifier, then a mixture of potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and disodium EDTA was added, followed by hyaluronic acid and maltodextrin. The mixture was stirred after each addition until complete dissolution of the components. After that, PVP was slowly added under stirring and vacuum (30 mm Hg) until complete solvation. Then sodium saccharin and hydroxyethylcellulose were subsequently added, the whole was subjected to vacuum and left under stirring until complete solvation. Afterwards, hydrogenated castor oil 40/OE and perfume, benzalkonium chloride, and a mixture of propylene glycol and glycyrrhetinic acid were added in that order, stirring after each addition until complete dissolution of the components. When the additions were completed, the mixture was stirred under vacuum for 30 minutes.
For a concentrated version of the invention, 10 ml or 15 ml of the above composition were distributed in a packet or mono-dose vial, which can be diluted with 30-50 ml of water before use; for the ready-to-use version, the composition disclosed above was diluted with depurated water to a concentration of 50%, and 200 ml or 300 ml of the resulting composition were distributed in bottles.
- See more at: http://www.patentbuddy.com/Patent/6828308#sthash.zl40KcOE.dpuf <http://www.patentbuddy.com/Patent/6828308#sthash.zl40KcOE.dpuf>


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