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Ruben Roa ruben.roa en gmail.com
Sab Abr 23 10:12:26 CEST 2005

Otra vez yo molestando, en relación con Sibutramina, se puede leer en
WorstPills lo siguiente:

More Bad News about Sibutramine (MERIDIA): DO NOT USE [hide all summaries] 
(July 2004) 
Worst Pills, Best Pills readers may remember that we petitioned the
FDA to ban the widely prescribed weight reduction drug sibutramine
(MERIDIA) in the spring of 2002 (See Worst Pills, Best Pills News,
May, 2002) because a large number of people had suffered severe
cardiovascular adverse effects, including many deaths, from this drug
that shares some properties with amphetamines. As more people used the
drug, not very effective at significant weight losses, more
life-threatening adverse effects and deaths occurred — the drug causes
high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias, along with increased
heart rate. Now, a new study shows that there is no direct evidence
that sibutramine reduces obesity-associated morbidity or mortality and
that there is insufficient evidence to accurately determine the
risk-benefit profile for sibutramine.
Es decir que tiene propiedades anfetaminicas con lo cual aumenta la
tensión arterial, la frecuencia cardiaca y hay reportes de muertes por
eventos cardiovasculares. Gracias.

 Dr. Rubén Roa
 Director IADAF

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