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>Horowitz Files Pandemic Charges Against Rockefeller
>Posted by admin On September - 19 - 2009

>LOS ANGELES, CA — Drug-industry investigators have
>uncovered ddocuments exposing an international drug
>ring, operating from New York City, is behind the
>H1N1 swine flu fright and vaccination preparations.
>Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, an
>investigative journalist, have released evidence in
>legal affidavits that leaders of a private global
>biotechnology “trust” are behind the pandemic
>flu, including its origin and alleged prevention via
>vaccinations. Their documents, being sent by
>attorneys to the FBI this week, evidence
>industrialists are operating a crime ring within the
>“Partnership for New York City” (PNYC), and are
>behind the pandemic’s creation, media persuasions,
>vaccination preparations, and health official
>“David Rockefeller’s trust, that engages several
>powerful partners on Wall Street, including media
>moguls Ruppert Murdock, Morton Zuckerman, Thomas
>Glocer, and former Chairman of the Board of
>Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York,
>Jerry Speyer, are implicated in advancing global
>genocide,” Dr. Horowitz wrote to FBI directors.
>“This ‘partnership’ controls biotechnology
>research and development globally. Health commerce
>internationally is also controlled virtually
>entirely by this trust that also exercises near
>complete control over mainstream media to
>promote/propagandize its products and services for
>the drug cartel’s organized crime. This trust, in
>essence, makes or breaks medical and natural healing
>markets, primarily through the mass media companies
>and propaganda it wields for social engineering and
>market building,” Dr. Horowitz wrote.
>Among the revelations from the Horowitz-Kane
>research are those linking Larry Silverstein of
>Silverstein Properties, Inc., and the 9-11 terrorist
>attacks, to the drug cartel’s geopolitical,
>economic, and population reduction activities. Mr.
>Silverstein, leaser of the World Trade Center who
>authorized to have Building-7 “pulled”
>[detonated] is a chief suspect in the “9-11
>truth” investigation. Silverstein is currently
>landlord and co-partner in the biotechnology trust
>founded by David Rockefeller and implicated by these
>new discoveries.
>Given the unprecedented nature and urgency of these
>findings, Dr. Horowitz has posted his affidavit for
>public review on FLUscam.com, hoping wide spread
>dissemination will prompt governments worldwide to
>cease mass vaccination preparations to avoid
>becoming accessories.
>“The last time I contacted the FBI I warned them
>about the impending anthrax attacks one week before
>the first mailings were announced in the press,”
>Dr. Horowitz recalled. “It took them 6 months to
>respond. When they did, they made me a suspect in
>the mailings. This time I am warning the Justice
>Department a month before the deadliest genocide in
>history. I’m praying they’ll take kindly to my
>appeal for a PNYC investigation, and Court-ordered
>injunction, to stop the vaccinations for public

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