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NOLTREX is the newest implant used in orthopedy and traumatology for treatment osteoarthritis. Since 1980 the Russian medicine studied the substance consisting of 95 % apyrogenous water and 5 % on a polyacrylamide basis, having unique functions. It was a unique synthetic material that practically on 100 % was biocompatible with human organism. Only one lack was its instability to growth of bacteria and an opportunity of development of an inflammation in a human organism. At last in 1995 the Russian scientists invented the absolute new substance that had united all positive qualities of the previous material and in the same time has antibacterial properties, due to addition in it ions of silver. At introduction this material in a human organism the consistence becomes similar to synovium liquid in joints that allows using it for treatment osteoarthritis.
NOLTREX is used in orthopedy for replacement synovium liquid. In healthy joint, synovial liquid lubricates the joint and is needed for the joint to function properly. Joint fluid is made up mostly of a substance called hyaluronan. 

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