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Destined for arthritis treatment Noltrex absolutely differs from all
existent drugs restoring synovial fluid tanacity by means of its peculiar
synthetic origin and matrix organisation.

Noltrex is a viscous gellike substance of nonuniform color (from
light-yellow to dark-brown) , having bactericidal properties. The unique
formula of this medication provides high biocompatibility with patients?

Unlike all other polymers used as hondroprotectors before, cellular
three-dimensional polyacrylamide substance is a unitary macromolecule with
defined fixed cell dimension. All those properties enable Noltrex using as a
physical and biochemical hondroprotector.

Three-dimensional polyacrylamide 4,5±1,5%
Bi-distilled water 95,5±1,5%
Silver ions 0,01-0,02%

Mas datos en: http://www.noltrex.ru/english/index1.html

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